– Dear astronauts and cosmonauts!

Dive into our Gagarin metaverse!We invite you to endless worlds, you will inevitably combine them, transform them, invest a piece of your personality and generate unique digital phenomena. You will be able not only to create them, but also to sell, lease, give franchises for the use of your concepts – everything is like in the real world.


– Co-founder

  1. Start of the ICO investment project. Formation of the leadership council.Development of a global strategy.

  2. Crediting bonus rewards for participants of the investment phase of the project development. Publication of a smart contract. Passing an independent audit. Start of the NFT metaverse presale.

  3. Full-scale launch of the metaverse! At least 50 internal games and a market place.

  4. Adding new services on its own blockchain: A payment system with the functionality of instant exchange of crypto currencies and fiat funds and many others.

  5. Launch of our own new generation crypto currency exchange!

  6. The issue of personalized unique crypto currency plastic cards on its own acquiring.

  7. The Gagarin metaverse is in the TOP 3 NTF platforms in the world by all indicators. Development of own products within the universe of real estate, auto program, equipment, tourist vouchers, etc.

  8. Public offering of Gagarin ltd on the stock exchange in Hong Kong. Launch of a line of products and services on earth.

Gagarin Metaverse

The Gagarin project offers the expanse of open space to explore the entire universe. This is what makes the GAG token so promising.Gagarin is the first metaverse with a blockchain in which NFT is used to design the ship and its equipment. This means that they can not only be made, but also sold on completely legal grounds. At the same time, you do not have to be afraid of blocking on the game server (which is the case in games with a centralized basis).Everything is attractive in the solutions created by Gagarin: from the design of the metaverse to the speed of work. The launch of this project through the blockchain allows you to avoid delays in the processing of transactions and reduce their cost.

In the Gagarin blockchain metaverse, there will be a dual economy and a well-developed schedule. This is due to the fact that it will be built on Unreal Engine 5.Using the token, the user can:place bets on various events;participate in a dispute over the right to purchase items that apply in the game;to carry out research of various worlds.

Gagarin is a new generation gaming metaverse that emerged as a result of the merger of modern blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video games and decentralized financial technologies.Real-time graphics technology using Nanite from Unreal Engine 5 allows you to create cinematic-quality video games. Blockchain technology using the Binance protocol will provide a virtually serverless and secure gameplay. Non-interchangeable tokens received and sold to Gagarin will create an economy that reproduces the material value of assets and ownership in the real world.Gagarin is a multi-user strategy platform with endless development, which takes place inside the metaverse of the same name. The metaverse offers users the opportunity to explore space, trade and fight, the economy of the game is tied to a cryptocurrency token that can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.Thus, successful Gagarin users will be able to translate their success into the real world by selling intra-universal assets on the open exchange (FTX).


Team Gagarin